Things To Do In Coventry

Coventry will become the UK’s City of Culture in 2021. An unlikely city for tourists to be aware of, Coventry has an interesting history and is a great place to visit.

Its medieval centre was unfortunately heavily bombed in World War 11 destroying the beautiful St Michael’s Cathedral, which was replaced by an extraordinarily modern cathedral quite unlike any other in the UK. St Michael's had been built in the 14th century and stood on the site of its predecessor, St Mary’s, where Christian's have worshiped for 1000 years.

A walk down Bayley’s Lane is a must as it is the only section of the medieval city left intact with Ford’s Hospital, a 16th Century building, which was used in an episode of Doctor Who.

Coventry was where the name ‘Peeping Tom’ came from. When Lady Godiva rode naked through on a horse in protest of taxes her husband was imposing in the 11th century, the locals were asked to avert their eyes which they apparently did with the exception of ‘Tom the Tailor’. A statue in her honour can be found in Coventry centre.

Coventry was once known for its textile industry and was one of the three primary cities which were responsible for clock and watch-making in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was home to the inventor of the Penny Farthing, creating the start of the bicycle industry, AND Frank Whittle inventor of the jet engine which was patented in 1930. Coventry Transport Museum is a really interesting visit for adults and children alike, with the history of Coventry through the ages a fascinating day out with the family. The Midland Air Museum, adjacent to Coventry Airport, includes the Sir Frank Whittle Jet Heritage Centre.

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